Community Involvement

At the Heart of our Communities for 27 Years

Polyethics is committed to supporting education and creating employment opportunities at home in Ontario.

Through the communities it serves, the partnerships it forges and the actions it takes, Polyethics takes the environment and Canadian communities to heart.

Dedicated to Community Involvement

We are honoured to support causes that truly impact the lives of Canadians. It’s more than a tradition, it’s in our DNA and Values.

Invested in our Communities

We are invested in the well-being of the communities we work and live in through our corporate giving and community investment activities.

We are proud to partner with the Tim Horton's to help fund the Tim Horton Children's Foundation

Polyethics Industries was honoured to have lent our support to the recent Tim Horton Children’s Foundation Annual Camp Day.

We are so thankful to this wonderful foundation for allowing us to be a part of a great cause. Polyethics Industries looks forward to continuing our support of the Tim Horton Children’s Foundation long into the future.

It's more than a tradition, it's in our DNA and Values.

We believe we have a role to play in building a better world for future generations, and we strive to make a real difference in the communities we call home. Often, that difference is in the interest of the environment; other times, it is through other types of community service.