Pioneering a proud future.

We are the first manufacturer to use 100% recycled material to create 100% degradable products which are 100% recyclable!

How is our plastic different?

Conventional plastics could take up to 1000 years to degrade.  This means that huge amounts of plastic are taking up valuable landfill space.  Even worse, items trapped inside plastic bags and packaging will be prevented from degrading.  Our oxo-biodegradable plastics have been produced so that they will have a two year shelf life and a five year life span.

What does oxo-biodegradable mean?

During the first phase degradation is started by exposure to oxygen.  After this occurs, microbes consume the remaining plastic and leave behind a reusable biomass.  We can program the lifespan of your products to last longer if needed or start degrading rapidly if disposed of immediately after use.  Typically the entire process will take less than five years.

It is a remarkably simple two stage process which is 100% safe for direct food contact. The additive breaks down the carbon-hydrogen bonds in plastic and reduces the plastic’s overall strength and molecular weight. The process also acts as a nutrient for microbes, which eat the broken down plastic molecules, reducing what was once plastic to water, carbon dioxide, and reusable biomass. The process leaves behind more biomass than carbon dioxide which it creates! Vegetable based compostable bags leave no usable biomass behind, creates methane gas during break down (a gas 20 times more harmful to the atmosphere than carbon dioxide) and worst of all for the end user it creates a bag of inferior quality.

Quality has and always will be our highest priority. We guarantee no reduction in the quality of the finished products from the use of the additive. All of this is offered at prices similar to conventional plastic products.

If you would like further information on the additive we use to achieve our oxo-biodegrable product, the degradable process or how we continue to research, please click on the links below or simply email us with any questions you might have at We look forward to working with you!


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