About Us

Polyethics Industries was founded in 1991 with one specific goal. Use 100% recycled plastic to make high quality industrial garbage bags. At the time we were the only garbage bag manufacturer to use 100% recycled material. Today, almost all industrial garbage bags are made from recycled plastic.

Over the years we have expanded our product lines but we have never lost sight of our initial goal. Using raw materials and creating plastics products in the most ethical way possible has been paramount to our success. In this day and age the environment is of the utmost concern to end users, retailers, distributors, and manufacturers alike.

Since our inception we have shown our customers that using recycled plastic does not create an inferior product. We are the first manufacturer to use 100% recycled material to create 100% degradable products which are also 100% recyclable.

We have proven that quality does not have to suffer to make the right choices for our environment. We believe if a product is going to be sent to a landfill, like an industrial garbage bag, it should be engineered to degrade in an environmentally friendly manner. This allows the products that were previously trapped inside the bag to degrade as well.

Starting in 2008, we stopped manufacturing products that are not made to degrade. We believe that this is the ethical way to manufacture a disposable product in today’s marketplace. Polyethics has achieved the perfect balance between being cost competitive and quality driven, while using a recycled, degradable product which is environmentally responsible.

Polyethics Industries specializes in manufacturing environmentally friendly polyethylene film and bags.  With no extra cost and without sacrificing quality, we offer a green solution.  We are doing our part to help sustain a healthy planet. We encourage you to contact us to discuss how our product could benefit both your company and your environmental footprint.

Polyethics, your source for economically competitive and environmentally responsible plastics…